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Meet Emily Webb

Emily Webb, a cosmetologist in Murfreesboro, TN, has been featured in Nashville Bride Guide as a preferred vendor. Specializing in hair and makeup for everyday looks and special occasions including photo shoots, Emily’s home salon is Urban Image Salon. Look below for fun interview facts about your new stylist while checking out her work and client testimonials!

1. What made you want to become a stylist?

I have always appreciated beauty and helping others fulfill the look they wanted; something that made them feel beautiful while providing a fun, simple style. Before I was officially licensed, I had constant requests for doing hair and makeup for special events in my town, such as prom and pageants. Putting my dreams of becoming a stylist on hold, I went to college for a year. After that year, I did not delay any longer and enrolled in cosmetology school. My career is a true gift, and I couldn’t be happier to have the genuine passion for helping others while being creative and social!

2. What do you love most about your career?

I love helping others reach their goals! In the beauty industry, clients have goals for their hair style. Everyone’s goals are different. Some may strive to have healthier hair, some may want blonde hair, and some simply just want to learn how to style and use the right products. I love helping clients achieve their personal style and keeping up-to-date with the “in fashion” trends.

I understand the importance of maintaining healthy hair while teaching people how to achieve the salon style at home. The biggest reward for me is listening to my clients describe the difference they see in their hair.

3. What are your favorite hair products?

I use everything Moroccanoil! I am in love with all this line has to offer for my clients. The outcome is amazing and the product can repair hair quickly. My clients get tremendous results with this line from shampoo to hairspray-the products are fantastic.

4. What service do you enjoy most?

I enjoy all services!

Doing weddings and being a part of a special day is something I always enjoy. Brides have those pictures forever and will always remember how they felt and looked on that day. A wedding is an all day event where I can spend time with the bridal party in a social, meaningful environment. Being well-organized and time conscientious helps to make the day pleasant and relaxing while making the bride beautiful on one of the most important days of her life.

Also, color services are another one of my favorite services to offer. As a balayage fanatic, I can paint the canvas of my client’s hair.

5. What are my plans for the future?

Sharing the Webb Method with as many people as possible, helping others create that everyday or special occasion look, and reaching out to more brides are a few of my future plans. Join me as I grow and expand my business with a special focus on promoting weddings!